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ZDF Kultnacht presents: Boney M.

News 2011.06.20

Die ZDF-Kultnacht - Boney M.

Boneym-kultnacht-zdf-01Eine Weltkarriere made in Germany. Vor 35 Jahren erobert der Song "Daddy Cool" die vordersten Plätze der Hitparaden und macht die Formation Boney M. über Nacht zu Deutschlands erfolgreichstem Pop-Export. In den 10 Jahren ihres Bestehens kann Gruppe allein hierzulande acht Nummer-Eins-Hits verbuchen, und in Großbritannien stehen ihre Singles "Rivers of Babylon" und "Mary's Boy Child" bis heute in der Liste der zehn meistverkauften Platten aller Zeiten. Mit nicht weniger als 50 Platin- und 42 Goldenen Schallplatten sind Boney M. einer der weltweit erfolgreichsten Acts der Disco-Ära.

Die ZDF-Kultnacht lässt von der ersten veröffentlichten Single bis zum letzten gemeinsamen Fernsehauftritt noch einmal alle großen Erfolge von Boney M. Revue passieren. Disco-Klassiker wie "Sunny" und "Ma Baker", karibische Klänge wie "Brown Girl In The Ring" und "Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday" und Balladen wie "El Lute" und "I'm Born Again" dokumentieren die eindrucksvolle Karriere des Quartetts, das mit seiner Musik genauso fasziniert wie mit seinen ausgefallenen Kostümen und opulenten Bühnenshows.

Boney M. haben zahlreiche Auftritte im deutschen Fernsehen gemacht. Jetzt gibt es erstmalig die gesammelten Shows der ZDF kultnacht auf DVD. Ein Feuerwerk an Hits und strahlenden Kostümen, Interviewausschnitten mit u.a. Frank Farian.  Quelle: ZDF,Swea Pietschmann - ( sorry - no translation available )

ZDF Kultnacht presents: Boney M. - Legendary TV Performances - DVD-V  |  17. June '11  |  88697922499 | Laufzeit ca. 120 min. -  >>>Produkt kaufen


Chicken Soup / Who the F**K is Wikileaks

News 2011 03 18

Chicken Soup / Who the F**K is Wikileaks


Chicken Soup (Boney M Goes Club) - Who The Fuck Is Wikileaks
follow up to duck sauce "barbra streisand" -

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Good bye Bobby

News 2011 01 01


Bobby Farrell

It’s a devastating feeling being woken by a phone call first thing in the morning to learn that Bobby Farrell has passed away. Although I heard my assistant’s voice on the other end of the line utter the words at an alarming speed, I didn’t understand what she was talking about at first. I met Bobby in 1976 at a casting in Hannover, Germany. He was a very outgoing and cheerful individual, lively, jolly, bubbly, bursting with energy. At the time, we were looking for a dancer who could embody my voice because I didn’t want to go on stage. The ink was just dry on the first song for Boney M, the band which I had just formed. That first song was “Baby Do You Wanna Bump.“

I can still remember our first performance on the „Musikladen“ TV show. Bobby was suffering from a tremendous bout of stage fright. He of all people, who captivated his audience and exercised such fascination on everyone! We had to literally drag him out on stage, and then … an unbelievably magical time began for all of us! I’ll admit outright that without Bobby Farrell, Boney M would never have reached the level of success it did rocket to. I owe a whole lot to Bobby. Without him, I would not be who and where I am today. His legs and my voice - that’s what he used to say - were an unbeatable team!

After Bobby left Boney M over 20 years ago, we still met occasionally - and whenever we did, our encounters were of a warm and friendly nature. The time we were engaged in a legal fight to claim the rights over the Boney M name, we still embraced each other in the courtroom hallway. Our whole lives, we have remained friends. Even this foolish fight could not tear us apart. These past few years, I have unfortunately lost touch with Bobby. How much would I have liked to meet the man who has done so very much for me just one more time before he departed. Who’d have ever thought that his would be such an untimely passing. Bobby was still young. 61, that’s no age. But our relationship transcends time: through Boney M, Bobby and I will stay connected even beyond his death.

Frank Farian, Miami 01.01.2011